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Purchasing Power Parity:
Big Mac Index is using the Big Mac as a currency.
Wikipedia Big Mac Index
In 1968 the average price to buy one ounce of gold was $34.00 in U.S. dollars.
In 1968 the average price to buy a McDonalds hamburger was $0.20 in U.S. dollars.
One ounce of gold could afford you 170 McDonalds hamburgers.
Today, 2009, one ounce of gold costs $1000.00.
Today, 2009, one McDonalds hamburger costs $1.00.
So, today, 2009, one ounce of gold will afford you 1000 McDonalds hamburgers.

Value of a Dollar: Prices and Incomes in the United States 1860-2009, Scott Derks